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Hi-tech powder coating.

Kolorkurp – powder coating
Ostrołęka, Ostrów Mazowiecka

Kolorkurp is a modern powder coating facillity located on the national road 627 on the route Ostrołęka – Ostrów Mazowiecka. The main area of ​​our activity is powder coating of steel and aluminum materials. Two modern, independent powder coating lines allow us to carry out both large and small orders. We have the largest (7000x1500x2200 and 4500x1500x2200) and most modern ovens for curing powder paints in the region. In order to ensure the highest quality of coatings, the elements are subjected to preparatory processes in an automatic booth before being coated.

We strive to provide high quality services with very short deadlines. That is why we focus on the highest quality machinery and experienced operators. We use technically advanced equipment from renowned brands such as Wagner. The paints and varnishes that we use come from reputable manufacturers. We approach each project individually, taking care of our clients’ satisfaction. Our staff also helps our clients to choose the most optimal solutions. We work with both individual clients and companies operating in our region.

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Shot blasting

Abrasive blasting is the first step in preparing the surface for powder coating. The popular “sandblasting” cleans the surface of materials from rust, old paints, oil and metallurgical impurities as well as tarnishes and shapes the product before coating. Depending on the type and size of the surface, we use different abrasive materials. In our plant, we focus on a modern solution in the field of blasting which is shot blasting. In contrast to sandblasting, which uses sand as abrasive material, shot blasting is performed using miniature steel balls called shots, which allows for better surface roughness and thus greater adhesion of paints. Shot blasting is also an excellent method of cleaning steel and aluminum surfaces also in the case of non-painted components (eg car rims).

Surface cleaning

Before commencing powder coating, it is essential to clean the surface of any dirt that may affect the adhesion and even distribution of paint or varnish. For this purpose, we use an advanced automatic spray washer thanks to which we can remove dirt even from places which are very hard to reach. The process of surface cleaning, consits of:
  • degreasing of aluminum and steel surfaces
  • phosphating of steel surfaces
  • etching of steel and aluminum surfaces

Powder coating

Powder coating is currently the most effective method used in coating steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces among others. Powder paints based on resin are used in the powder coating process, which after thermal curing gain both excellent strength and precise surface coverage. Powder paints are characterized by high resistance to corrosion and impact and high abrasion resistance, and are excellent for coating surfaces exposed to aggressive corrosive environments. Our powder paint shop is equipped with 2 separate powder coating lines, which include the two largest powder curing ovens in the region (dimensions: 7000x1500x2200 and 4500x1500x2200), which enable us to paint large elements. We offer a wide range of paints for many different surfaces that allow you to achieve a variety of visual effects.

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Kolorkurp is a modern powder coating facillity located on the national road 627 on the route Ostrołęka – Ostrów Mazowiecka. The main area of our activity is powder coating of steel and aluminum materials.